Chicken Coop Guides

Are you a chicken lover and would like to develop a house for your chicken that is safe and comfy? Given that chicken coops can be found in various sizes and shapes, building one for your flock does not need to be made complex. With correct preparation, a couple of structure supplies and basic understanding in woodwork you can construct a coop in no time at all. Nevertheless, you need to think about the number of chicken you have or want to raise, the size of your substance or backyard, defense from predators and accessibility among other factors. Let’s find out how to build
from a couple of chicken coop guides examine.


A. Wheeler

This is a portable chicken cage with a triangular cross-sectional design that enables the chicken to move inside freely. It is perfect for small compounds and is specifically popular in the city. This cage has wheels that make it portable hence its name. This wheeler is A-shaped with a fence to protect the hen from predators and has a little hen house inside.


1. This cage has 6 fully practical castor wheels
2. It is well ventilated supplying adequate light to the chicken

3. It has a playing area that is safe from predators

4. Has an indoor nesting area

5. The eggs and chicken are quickly available because this cage has a leading door gain access to.

Why is this chicken cooper chosen?

1. They are cleaner than other stationery chicken cages considering that they are simple to move from one yard to another keeping the chicken devoid of diseases and contamination. They have wheelbarrow like deals with to make moving simple.

2 The hens have sufficient space to scratch and workout because their location can be altered frequently.

Since this cage can be raised the chicken are complimentary range and safeguarded from predators such as felines, bears, felines, pet dogs, skunks, hawks and owls. In addition, the enclosed chicken home and fenced area safeguards the flock from harm.

3. This coop can be rotated in your house all year round, making it possible to aerate and fertilize big plots of land with chicken manure which includes potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen to name a few nutrients.

The wheeler keeps the eggs and chicken in the confines of the coop.

B. Poultry Farmer 2.

This is a 16′ by 16′ small scale chicken cage with a capability of over 100chickens. It has simple human and chicken access in addition to other amenities that are required by a poultry farmer. Because of its easy design, this is the most common kind of chicken cage most novices begin with.


1. Poultry farmer 2 is spacious enough allowing simple human gain access to.
2. It is made in such a way that the hens have actually a designated nesting area.

3. The cage permits the chicken to get in and exit the facilities quickly.

4. It’s easy for the poultry farmer to clean, feed the chicken and gather manure when required.

C. Cluck Carrier

Would you like to take pleasure in a number of eggs from your chicken without investing a lot of money? This is the ultimate chicken cage for any farmer who has few hens and loves ease of use. The convenience that includes a cluck carrier can not be compared to other chicken coop in the yard. From ease of cleaning up to selecting of eggs and the hens, the convenience provided by this cage is unrivaled.


1. Has 3 opening panels that are conveniently put making it simple to tidy.

2. Features optional nesting boxes that make event of eggs an easy job.

3. Its interior functions a thick perch that promotes stability and comfort for the hens.

4. It is divided in subsections providing every chicken liberty in their location.

5. It includes a roofing that assists insulate the chicken from excessive temperatures.

6. It comes with a galvanized gauge wire mesh location where the chicken can scratch and exercise. They are likewise safeguarded from predators.

7. The cage is confined with wood keeping the hens safe and dry even during rainy seasons.

D. Chicken Hut

This chicken coop has it all. If you are preparing to buy chicken, this cage will do a lot of justice to you.


1. Has removable nesting boxes that make it easy for the farmer to collect eggs and to clean up

2. Has 2 big access doors that make it hassle-free for human to move in and out, to clean and to collect manure.

3. Has a chicken gain access to door that can be opened and near enable the chicken simple gain access to.
4. It includes integrated roosts which offer a safe and comfy resting and sleeping location for the chicken. Chicken coops that don’t incorporate a roost leave the chicken to sleep in the nesting area or on the flooring which is unhealthy.

E. Poultry Shack

This is a large chicken cage with a 10′ by 12′ layout that permits rearing of upto 30 chickens at a go. It is a strong building with seated rafters and permits insulation and electrical installation specifically throughout the cold climates.


1. Features an open area which is enclosed in a galvanized wire mesh that protects the flock from predator

2. Has a large door that permits simple human access

3. Has a nesting location for all the chicken that makes it easy for the keeper to collect eggs and to feed them.

4. Features a window through which one can keep an eye on the progress of the chicken.

5. The roof of the cage is made from wood from the within securing the chicken from unfavorable weather conditions such as excessive heat or rain. From the outdoors, the roof is made from galvanized wire mesh which secures the flock from hawks, owls and other predators.

Are you all set to construct your own chicken cage? Before you perch you perch it up, make sure that you pick the best materials. For the comfort and security of your chicken, consist of nesting boxes, a roost or perch location, appropriate ventilation and protection, ease of access to the eggs, provide an allowance for insulation particularly during the cold days. In addition, ensure that the coop is watertight, attend to a shade, bedding and make certain that you offer an easily accessible food and water location to avoid spillage.